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At Sitrine we help deliver top AAA quality art assets from 3D models to  2D concept art, User interface and graphics design, product renderings for magazines and billboards, figurines, 3D scanning, Game creation and VR .

We have been servicing the top games industries, film and commercial VFX houses for a number of years with quality artworks that stand out with consistent results.


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3D Character and Creature modelling and texturing.
We specialize in creating 3D characters for games, film and commercials. From High resolution sculpting to low resolution detail baking for games, we provide all processes to creating the detailed character / creature models to texturing and a baking the required texture maps for the latest games, commercials and film requirements.

Sitrine also provide services for mobile games and VR projects that require low resolution models and textures. We also specialise in hand painted traditional texturing and very low polygon models for specific console / device targets.

Game development, VR and AR (Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality).
Sitrine has decades of experience combined in creating award winning games for PC consoles and mobile. We have helped AAA studios create their worlds for their game engine formats.

It has never been a better time to get into VR and AR and show your customers a new world of infinite possible realities. We have helped clients create virtual worlds and spaces for their products and company showcases.

Figure modelling and product rendering
From 3D on screen to actual figure printed models we provide and setup your 3D models for 3D Printing. Using fine grade 3D printers we can build and prototype and show off your characters.

Add life to your products and prototypes by giving it a sharp 3D render to showcase to clients and potential product release. We have helped produce prototypes for a number of companies that show results in marketing their images.

Environment Props modelling and texturing.
Need 3D detailed environment or prop models for games, film and commercials? We have helped create a number of 3D environments and props for games films and commercials and have helped clients achieve the target look for their projects.
Concept art and Concept modelling.
At Sitrine we have talented concept artists that have provided rich visuals for games, film and commercials. From storyboards to quick concept details  in 3D and 2D we can help create worlds and characters with incredible detail.
User interface design and game logos.
Want to have slick interface design works for your game and VR ?
We have helped create slick animated graphics and UI works for both mobile and console developments.







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