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Speed Blazers is featured on the Australian Apple AppStore !























Thanks to Apple for announcing Speed Blazers as one of the Best new games for the IOS platform this week along side with other greats in the Australian Stores !

It is a great opportunity and seriously greatful for Apple Support !

Australian AppStore Best new games :




SpeedBlazers August 30 2014 Release




























After a massive rigorous testing and brain bashing Speed Blazers is finally coming to the Google Play store on 30th of August 2014 !
We would like to thank all the people that tested the game and family and friends for the amazing feedback and support which helped a lot to finish the game!

Look out for our website and all our social media channels for the massive news and updates heading to the release.
















Here is the sculpt for the Demon guardian in the INFERNO level of Speed Blazers. This guy is pretty nasty he will chuck fireballs at you and watch out for his giant sword !
Concept art by Scyfon and sculpted in Zbrush by Chris Concepcion.


Speed Blazers :: Robo Samurai ! Sculpt

Presenting the sculpt of the Robo Samurai featuring in the Onizakura background of Speed Blazers.
Concept art by Scyfon and sculpted in Zbrush by Chris Concepcion. Stay tuned for the making of Speed blazers with all the concept art !

Speed Blazers Android – Coming soon !


Yes ! Finally Speed Blazers is hitting the Android store early 2013 ! It has been a very long run and many have wondered why it has taken this long to release ?

We will be posting the development cycle of speed blazers for the Indie crowd to know what went on behind the scenes to make this elaborate game.

Check back soon for news and release information of this massive update for IOS and new experience coming to the Android scene !