Fraktalvoid is a video games developer and an art outsourcing company for video game companies, commercials and movies.
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AUSTRALIA, BRISBANE, August 30, 2014 – We are proud to present the latest release of Speed Blazers on Android platforms and a massive update for the IOS platforms.

Speed Blazers is a action packed and challenging racer. Equipped with Sonic particle Blades that help the players glide and hover along the air and able to perform amazing tricks in the air, as you launch of ramps and other wild obstacles.

This feature packed release contains 8 characters you can unlock and choose from. They are equipped with different abilities to knock your opponents out of the way to claim victory in the race.

There are 8 world themes to conquer in Speed Blazers and a total of 72 challenging levels. Each level offers a different challenging course and also unique gameplay that will surely put any player up for a challenging race.

Test your wits and patience by skillfully collecting the pickups such as the orbs, coins, Xmarks and beating the time of each race to claim the levels King crown achievement.

Players have the choice to show off their skills in collecting achievements though the Google play achievements and see who really is the best in competing at the leaderboards.



Sitrine was established in 2011 formerly known as Fraktalvoid with award winning games industry veterans collaborating  to create high quality games based in Brisbane Australia.

Comprised with highly skilled veterans in game creation, we strive to create and offer the highest quality games for the next gen mobile and console platforms.


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